Agrictech Solutions Nigeria is the number 1 poultry solutions company in Nigeria. Our focus is on the following; agricultural / poultry mechanization, poultry farm set up/establishment, construction and management, among others.

We meet all your poultry needs. Contact us any poultry equipment, machine, birds and others below;

– Imported galvanized battery cage (96 and 120 birds capacity)

– Incubator of different capacities (1056, 3168, 5000,11264 & 33792 capacities)

– Quality pen construction of various capacities

– Processing equipment (defeathering machine, chicken cutter, scalding machine, evisceration table)

– Ear tag and applicator

– Electric and gas brooder

– Debeaking machine and temperature monitor

– Drinkers and feeders for day old and adult birds

– Transport crates of different capacities ( Large, medium and small)

– Automatic injection and temperature monitor

– Digital scale(both 300kg and 500kg)

– Poultry Bird Nipple Drinkers with cup and without cup

– Pig Nipple drinkers

Ask for pictures and quotes on WhatsApp: 08132380951 or 08132380951


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