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Starting Coding? Here are Tips to make you Better at Coding

Getting Better at Coding with tuplea ict concepts

Getting Better at Coding with tuplea ict concepts

As a new developer, you probably want to improve your skills constantly. You want to be the best developer you can possibly be. But how you can actually improve is a tricky question to answer.

We have curated top tips to make you get better in coding. Happy read!

Be a problemsolver

Youtube can be great, but it is easy to get stuck watching tutorials and substitute than for building yourself.

It’s important to know how you would solve a problem by yourself. Problem-solving is 99% of coding.

Build something small every day.

This is a real shortcut to really up your skill level.

Working on projects is also a great way to build your portfolio.

Learn how to read documentation early on

This will open many doors, and it will be easier for you to update your knowledge as technology changes.

Concepts > Syntax

Concepts for example OOP, functional programming and separating the Render Logic (visual) from the data / business logic.

Syntax can be Googled anytime.

Coding should be the last step.

Break the problem down first , how would you solve the problem as a human? This can give you clues as how to implement in code.

Sketch first before coding

Learn about the hardware.

How do computers work? How code gets translated to CPU instructions, HTTP, GPU parallelism etc. This will help you to understand why the code works the way it does.

Resist the urge to switch to new frameworks.

Initially avoid using new shiny frameworks until you have a good foundational understanding of how programming languages and platform technologies work.

Sample different aspect of software engineering

Explore software engineering in separate contexts: Graphics, Audio, CRUD, Games, Machine Learning. Understanding multiple areas can help you generalise concepts and apply them anywhere.

Be consistent.

The most important thing is to be consistent. Coding is difficult and progress will not happen overnight.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and experiment!

Have any question or in need of any help? We are always here for you. Drop it in the comment section.

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