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7 Untapped Features of Xender

Xender is not a new app. Almost every user of android and iPhone uses it. With Xender, it is easy to share any file...

Know these things before building your website

  Every step is important.             1. Identify the domain name that is perfect or best suited for your website A domain name is the name of a...

Important Things Web Developers Should Know About Marketing in 2021

    From individuals to businesses, everyone is looking for skilled web developers to help them build websites that can enhance their online presence. With the growing...

The Dark Life of Amoke

Last night, I went to bed with a smile on my face. Peace flowed across my heart like a gentle river. My heart was overwhelmed with...

How to Create a Website Absolutely Free of Charge.

I want to show as many people as may be interested how to create and host their own website FREE OF CHARGE. A Little Introduction...

How do hackers know your passwords?

"Hackers do this through various methods, including the use of phishing pages, malware, brute forcing or accessing users’ passwords through other means." As a kid,...

Why Birds And Airplanes Don’t Cast Shadows

Have you ever noticed that when you put a pencil in a glass full of water, its shape distorts and it looks as if it’s...

You Need This 5 Books In Your Journey To Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is the “practice of protecting critical systems and sensitive information from digital attacks” (IBM). The field itself is evolving on a daily basis...

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How to Hack Any Bluetooth Device

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that enables individuals to be hands-free while connected to their mobile devices for audio, navigation, and more. Bluetooth is...

The trials, struggles and pursuit of an African Woman

An african woman; strong and resilient, bold and stern, disciplined and hardworking, the real home maker!  Hi readers, you would agree with me that a...

Learning To Protect Digital Footprints

Undoubtedly you heard about “digital footprint” before. But you may not truly understand what it is. Like its name, it is the “footprint” or...

Are You Truly 100% Anonymous on VPN?

This Article To Solve The Myth On 100% Anonymity with VPNs "Before we can understand the real purpose of a virtual private network, we need...

How to Appear on Google Search

If you are a tech enthusiast, or you are into marketing, development or even writing, you would agree with me that being visible online...

Your Browser Knows Your Secret. See How To Protect Your Data.

According to the latest Digital 2021 report, the average internet user spends almost 7 hours per day online, either on a mobile device or on...

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