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What You Should Know About Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a system designed to safeguard your access to services by asking you for more than one piece of evidence. The...
put up a direct message on Twitter tuplea concepts

Put a “Send us a Private Message” Button in a Tweet

Today, I want to show you how to put a "Send us a private message" button in a tweet. Something like this: Finding Twitter ID First...
what browser knows about you

Your Browser Knows Your Secret. See How To Protect Your Data.

According to the latest Digital 2021 report, the average internet user spends almost 7 hours per day online, either on a mobile device or on...
bluetooth gadgets

How to Hack Any Bluetooth Device

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that enables individuals to be hands-free while connected to their mobile devices for audio, navigation, and more. Bluetooth is...

How To Create A “Night Mode” For Your Website

Are you interested in learning how to create a simple night mode for your website? In this article, I use...
5g network tuplea blog

5G Network. Everything You Need To Know About It.

It’s been nearly a decade in the making, and 5G is now a reality. Wireless carriers started rolling out 5G several years ago, and...
vpn privacy

Are You Truly 100% Anonymous on VPN?

This Article To Solve The Myth On 100% Anonymity with VPNs "Before we can understand the real purpose of a virtual private network, we need...
Digital Footprint image

Learning To Protect Digital Footprints

Undoubtedly you heard about “digital footprint” before. But you may not truly understand what it is. Like its name, it is the “footprint” or...

All You Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence

Back in the 1950s, the fathers of the field, Minsky and McCarthy, described artificial intelligence as any task performed by a machine that would have previously been...
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