put up a direct message on Twitter tuplea concepts

Today, I want to show you how to put a “Send us a private message” button in a tweet. Something like this:

Finding Twitter ID

First of all, you should find your Twitter ID. You can get your ID from many websites. I found a website called “TweeterID”.

You should give your Twitter handle to it and it will convert your Twitter handle to Twitter ID!

If this website isn’t available, you can simply search “Find Twitter ID” and find another website. When you got your ID, copy it!

Creating the button

Okay, now you should compose a new tweet. In your tweet, you can write anything. After that, you should paste this link into your tweet! (This link is that button).

https://twitter.com/messages/compose?text=[Your Message]&recipient_id=[Your Twitter ID]

ou should assign a message to “text”. When people click on this button, this message will appear in the textbox!

You should also assign your Twitter ID to “recipient_id”.


Finished! You can tweet it. It will convert to a button automatically!


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