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how to be seen on Google Search adeniyi aderehinwo tuplea

How to Appear on Google Search

If you are a tech enthusiast, or you are into marketing, development or even writing, you would agree with me that being visible online...
bluetooth gadgets

How to Hack Any Bluetooth Device

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that enables individuals to be hands-free while connected to their mobile devices for audio, navigation, and more. Bluetooth is...

How To Create A “Night Mode” For Your Website

Are you interested in learning how to create a simple night mode for your website? In this article, I use...
How many websites are there

The Best Way To Drive Traffic To Your Website In 2021

Have you ever wondered the number if websites in the world? Over a billion websites. Not all of them are active though. However, hundreds...
5g network tuplea blog

5G Network. Everything You Need To Know About It.

It’s been nearly a decade in the making, and 5G is now a reality. Wireless carriers started rolling out 5G several years ago, and...

Before You Build The Full Stack App

New developers find it hard to decide on what to use and/or learn when starting a new full-stack project. "A Full Stack Developer is someone...

How to Create Beautiful One-Page Website Free without Coding

Ever heard of Disha pages? Disha pages allows you to create one-page sites with elements such as buttons, photos, carousels, lists, text, links and...
Google Business registration with digimarketas

Register Your Business With Google Nigeria

"The World is a global village" is not a new saying anymore. Internet has brought humanity closer than we have ever been. This closeness has...
cybersecurity article on tuplea

You Need This 5 Books In Your Journey To Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is the “practice of protecting critical systems and sensitive information from digital attacks” (IBM). The field itself is evolving on a daily basis...

LINK BUILDING – Everything Involved in Backlink

The activity of adding a link to your website on another website is termed backlinking. Today, backlinking is one of the most powerful ways...
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