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Download High-quality Copyright-free Images And Videos For Your Art Graphic Works

Here is a list of websites on where you can get copyright-free images and videos I would like to add that if you choose to use Google Images, always check the copyright of the images on the website before using them.
what is hacking and cracking

Wait! Is There Any Difference Between Hacking and Cracking?

Hacking and cracking are two words that are often used when it comes to privacy and copyright breaches. More than often they are erroneously used in place of each other. One reason could be because they both end with a similar sound, or 'acking' and they're both malicious forms of cyber activity. However they have different meanings.
airplanes casting shadows

Why Birds And Airplanes Don’t Cast Shadows

Have you ever noticed that when you put a pencil in a glass full of water, its shape distorts and it looks as if it’s...
What the president is not allowed to do Potus on Phone call tuplea blog

What is the President of the United States not allowed to do?

Life as the president of the number one nation on earth may be quite amazing. However there are few drawbacks in terms of restrictions...
google dancing

What Does Google Dance Mean?

Google Dance or Google Dancing? Can Google dance? Have you heard of Google dancing? What does Google Dance really mean? This might be the first time...
5g network tuplea blog

5G Network. Everything You Need To Know About It.

It’s been nearly a decade in the making, and 5G is now a reality. Wireless carriers started rolling out 5G several years ago, and...
Relocation jobs available world wide

How to Find Relocation Job Easily Abroad On Top 10 International Job Recruitment Websites

Why do you think our government place more emphasis on getting Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC) than on getting International Passport? Is a Passport that identifies you as a bona fide citizen anywhere in the world not more important that a card that is only useful during elections or used for identification within our borders only? Why is government not running campaigns about getting International Passport since it is important as well?
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