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For us who are single, sex seems like everything. No kidding. I quote from the movie titled Flirt Time: “Before you have it, sex is everything; but after, it is just sex, “said a guy after his first sex. Little wonder African parents do not talk about it and there is no Nigerian traditional language that has an actual translation of the word, sex. Surprised?

I quote again from the book titled More than a Match: 

From our wedding night and during our honeymoon we had sex everyday. After, it became 5days a week. After few months it became 3 days a week, then 2 times a week. By our second year, it was barely once a week. Now,with sex once a month, I am good.”-Husband, after 5 years of marriage.

This is why:
1. When a relationship become physical, it continues physical. That is, once you two start hugging, it goes on; same goes for kisses and sex.

2. The sex you have in a relationship that is not marriage goes on continuously for a while, probably every time you meet. This is like the honeymoon period.

Unfortunately, because there is no commitment or solid plan, you begin to hate each other and if a baby comes around, confusion sets in.

As submitted by Mary Posh


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