How many websites are there

Have you ever wondered the number if websites in the world? Over a billion websites. Not all of them are active though. However, hundreds of millions of websites are active and more are created each day.

I noticed that there is an increase in the number of people reaching out to me for help or to find explanation on why they are getting very low traffic on their websites. This is the reason for this article.

I need you to understand that all traffic sources are good but you need to choose right platform ( through GEO Targeting and Niche Targeting).

“all traffic sources are good but you need to choose right platform”

Generally speaking the greatest source of traffic is Google. If you can make SEO a priority in your strategy, it will generate traffic on your keywords.

google-greatest source for traffic
Google – King of Traffic Source

Next are the social media platforms. You may generate millions of traffic through social media platforms. But again, it depends upon your niche which platform is suitable for you.

Social-Media-as-traffic source
Use Social Media As A Traffic Source

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is the best social media platform for traffic generation depending on your niche.

You can take one step ahead register your presence on Reddit and Pinterest.

All the above would work for you organically without extra charges but could take time. If you want an instant result, then consider the following;
– Google Adwords
– Facebook Ads
– Linkedin Ads
– Youtube Ads
– Instagram Ads

Paid Advertising

To save time and resources, you can contract an expert like DigiMarketas to  handle the whole process for you.


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