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Trust your business is moving fast? I have some very beautiful techniques that would easily bring your products and services to the attention of the public. I will be sharing them today.

What are KEYWORDS?

Keywords are those words or phrases people type into search engines to get desired results.

They are also words that describes the content on your page or post best. So when people search for that keyword or phrase in Google or other search engines, they should find that page on your website.

Sometimes, keywords are called SEARCH QUERIES.

keywords letters in business tuplea


There are two types:

(1) Short tail keywords: These keywords have one or two words.

Examples are website, Website design, Website Development.

(2)Long tail keywords: They have three or more words.

Examples are; how to get affordable Website in Ibadan? Website development company in Lagos and so on.

“Which type of keyword is best for your business?”

keywords tupleaAt the beginning, it is good to focus on the long tail keywords because that it what people search for when they are sure of what they want. Long tail keywords therefore bring high return on investment.

Choose keywords according to SEARCH VOLUME AND DIFFICULTY

Search volume is measured on the basis of times that a particular keyword is searched per month.

Search difficulty means estimated competition in organic searches of keyword.

Your plan and target on keywords should then be MODERATE SEARCH VOLUME, LONG TAIL KEYWORDS, and should have LESS DIFFICULTY in getting.

How do you know or determine when a keyword is moderate and less difficult to find?

I will be providing answer to the above questions and more in my next article which is “HOW TO DO KEYWORD RESEARCH PROPERLY FOR ONLINE SUCCESS.”

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