The dark life of amoke

Last night, I went to bed with a smile on my face.
Peace flowed across my heart like a gentle river.
My heart was overwhelmed with lofty litres of joy.
I slept with hope that tomorrow will be very bright.

But no! I was awakened by the missing smiles
On people’s faces were pitiful and bitter lines.
Tears trickled down from the children’s bulging eyes
Worries poured from the  wearied hearts of the aged.

The morning already wore a garment of mourning.
I jumped from my bed into the weeping crowd
Carefully I hid my tears behind my back
But my fears clung tightly to my chest

Their painful lips echoed words of sorrow
That little girl with hopes of a sweeter tomorrow
Amidst all the tortuous troubles she was facing,
Had finally thrown in the towel to the Grim Reaper.

Amoke was a little girl with dreams bigger than her mud house could carry.
She saw mighty visions, invisible to men with mighty eyes.
She believed her visions will one day be shown on the telly.
Her tiny legs carried a fighter who never ran from life’s battles.

In the morning, she sent herself to a nearby school.
Every afternoon saw her hawk sachet water for her daily bread.
At night, loneliness kept her company in a little hut.
Her struggles filled her life with terrible darkness.

The night before she passed to the great beyond,
She returned from her water sales, tired and exhausted
To be greeted by two hefty, sex-starved Goliaths.
Her virgin vagina were destroyed by the lustful beasts.

Her teary pleas fell on their stony hearts
“I am a poor fighter with an already dark life
Now you send me into an eternity of darkness
Why add to another man’s pains,  when you can light a candle?”

Written by Ayomide ANIMASAUN .


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