Earn Easiest Affiliate Marketing Technique

I decide to share this article at this time when everyone is looking for a means to make money online. I have come to discover that anyone can make legit money online with the right information and guidance.

This method is very easy, even a beginner can start making money from affiliate marketing if the method is followed properly.

This technique utilizes Reddit rooms called sub-reddits with Facebook groups. I am sure you will find it very helpful even if you are just getting started online.

Step 1

Find a subreddit where all of it’s members are experiencing a common issue. Ideally under 50k members, but this may work for larger groups as well (I’ve only tried smaller ones).

For example, /TMJ is a subreddit for people who have jaw issues (clicking, soreness, etc). It only has 30k members. /Brainfog is a subreddit for people who experience mental confusion/memory issues and it currently has a measly 12k members. /Eyefloaters is a subreddit for people suffering from vision anomalies and it doesn’t even have 4k members! Posts are made every day on these completely untapped subreddits. I’m not going to reveal the niche I used obvious reasons, but there are thousands out there and the moderators are not nearly as strict.

They key to this entire method is finding a subreddit that’s based around a particular problem.

Step 2

Once you’ve done that, throw together a quick Facebook group for whatever niche you choose. For example, if you’re targeting people that experience brain fog, the page should be based around finding solutions for that problem. Add a few generic posts and make it look pretty. Facebook gives you the option to have custom requirements for new users to join a group, so make it mandatory that each person provides their name and email address to join.

Step 3

Find an affiliate offer related to your niche. One quick search on Clickbank resulted in a perfect offer to promote to people suffering from brainfog: If you can’t find a relevant offer on Clickbank, search a different network. I personally utilize almost every CPA network that exists, and you should too.

Step 4

Content:  Write out something like this:

“Hey guys, I put together a Facebook group for those of us who suffer from brain fog. The goal is to share tips and tricks that work for each other. I hope you all join – it’s completely free and will help spread awareness 

Join (here)”

Step 5

Send your affiliate links to your fresh, highly targeted leads via newsletter and BANK!

Not only can you reach out to them via email blasts, but you can twist it further by posting fake product testimonials on your Facebook group and back them with engagement (which is exactly what I did). Because you’re the owner of the group, you don’t have to worry about getting banned by admins who suspect advertising.


Congratulations on starting your journey to Affiliate Marketing! There are so many things more to learn but here is a good place to start. Let me know if you find this write-up valuable at the comment section. You may drop your questions for prompt response too.



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